The Gallery by Askanis in Limassol


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THE GALLERY Limassol, the newest development by Askanis Group, is set to be a dazzling addition to the Limassol seafront and Old Town. Located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean, THE GALLERY will embody the epitome of luxury living, while at the same time deliver a deep sense of community.

THE GALLERY is divided into multiple areas comprising high-end residential and exclusive commercial properties, as well as cultural and entertainment facilities, all designed to bring the town together against an undeniably stylish backdrop.

This iconic landmark project is the result of a collaboration between a team of both international and local leading architects, engineers and consultants. At the design helm is world renowned architect Tom Wright of WKK Architects Ltd, the mastermind behind the famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Also on the team are British firms EXPEDITION Engineering Ltd and Red Group Services Ltd. Led by Tom Wright, this partnership among some of the world’s most internationally celebrated professionals is set to create a project that is impeccably designed, meticulously crafted, and finished to the highest of standards.

THE GALLERY will be a significant addition to the development of the surrounding area, which includes the hip and trendy Old Port, newly developed Limassol Marina, and the Limassol Promenade, or ‘Molos’ as itis known to locals. Thanks to a public pedestrian bridge running through the entire project and across the coastal road, THE GALLERY will act as a link between the promenade and the nearby historic St. Andrew’s Street. This beautifully illuminated bridge is THE GALLERY’s most unique feature, allowing residents and visitors alike to take a picturesque stroll through the development, exploring its many facets.

THE GALLERY aims to enhance the already vibrant liveliness and diversity of Limassol with the addition of its own public cafés and eateries located within the project. Moreover, the project will form a natural extension to the adjacent Municipal Arts Centre through the creation of a glass-walled Arts Gallery overlooking the plaza and the bridge. By establishing this spacious creative hub for the local arts community, THE GALLERY is set to enhance the artistic, creative flair of the surrounding area.

A mere stone’s throw away from the water’s edge, and overlooking the azure waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, THE GALLERY  will offer a truly winning combination of beach life, cosmopolitan ambience, and vibrant cultural enrichment.

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Lead Designer of the project: Tom Wright (WKK Architects Ltd)
Local Architect: Armeftis and Associates Architects
Engineering consultants (UK): EXPEDITION Engineering Ltd
MEP (UK): Red Group Services Ltd
Engineering consultants (Cyprus): Hyperstatic Engineering Ltd
MEP (Cyprus): Elemec Engineering Consultants / Gbc Energy Engineering Ltd
Town Planning consultant: Christos Ktorides
Environmental consultants: A.L.A. Planning Partnership Consultants LLC
Fire consultants: FEC International