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The Venue in THE GALLERY is a communal space available for hire for a range of events. With a capacity of 300 people and an ideal location overlooking the busy Plaza below, it is perfect for concerts, corporate conferences, exhibitions and commercial fairs, as well as christenings, private parties, and wedding receptions.

Carefully planned out and fully flexible, the Venue offers a modern, well-maintained space that can be adapted depending on clients’ individual needs. It can be split into three different smaller sized spaces, with a private reception area for each, according to the kind of event and number of guests.

For brides looking for a quiet spot to get ready before the party, a private bridal chamber with an en-suite bathroom is also available on the mezzanine level for wedding events. The Venue will be served by the restaurants of The Plaza below via service elevators for easy access.

Run by Askanis Group, the Venue will provide all the services necessary for clients to celebrate their special occasion, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Depending on the type of event, customers can choose from such services as professional flower and decoration arrangements; children’s entertainment including face painting, party clowns and games; expert assistance with the design, creation and printing of invitations, menu, and programs; photographer and videographer services; and musical entertainment, be it a DJ or live musicians.

No matter the occasion, the Venue staff will be on hand throughout your event to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our professional Event Manager, along with a team of friendly chefs, creative designers, waiters, hosts and hostesses and cleaning staff, will undertake every last detail, allowing you to enjoy your celebrations to the utmost.

The Venue is easily accessible via the underground parking area from two elevators leading to the Bridge level, via the escalators and elevators from the Ground Floor on St. Andrew’s Street, and though the Bridge and Plaza on the side of the Seafront Promenade.