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The Restaurants

The Plaza of THE GALLERY by Askanis Group features a vast, light-filled open area, surrounded by restaurants for both residents and visitors to wine, dine, and relax against a luxuriously stylish backdrop. It is also home to the first rotating restaurant in Cyprus.

The Restaurant and Bistro

On the Ground Level, THE GALLERY features a restaurant and a bistro, both of which are available for rent. With a capacity of more than 90 people across a 260 square meter radius, the restaurant will also offer catering for the Venue above, through the use of dumbwaiters. Located on the mezzanine level are spacious restrooms and a fully outfitted kitchen.

The nearby Bistro will boast an interior bar which will extend outwards into the Plaza, in line with the unique open spacing of its surroundings. The cosy establishment will house up to 72 guests indoors, with additional outdoor seating for another 18 people.

The Sea View Cafe

The first floor will be home to the Sea View Café, which is located on the bridge level overlooking the Seafront Promenade; also available for rent. There, visitors will be able to pop in for a coffee or tea, snack or refreshment, enjoyed against the backdrop of the endless blue of the Mediterranean. The café will be roomy enough to seat up to 28 people indoors and another 40 outside, making it a perfect spot for a quick business meeting or an afternoon of watching the world go by. Busy individuals who find themselves pressed for time can also take advantage of the Café’s to-go orders, the perfect option for employees within the building to pick up an early morning cup of java on their way to work. The Café will also offer convenient delivery services to both the offices and residences within The Gallery.

THE GALLERY’s restaurants and Sea View Café are easily accessible from the underground parking area, from St. Andrew’s Street, the main Beach road, or from the Seafront Promenade via the Bridge. This makes THE GALLERY the perfect spot for business associates, friends, and family to congregate and enjoy the vibrant buzz of Limassol life.

The Rotating Restaurant and Bar

For a more revolutionary dining concept, THE GALLERY will also offer the exclusive Sky Bar and Rotating Restaurant, the first of its kind in Cyprus. Located at the top of the main building, both the bar and restaurant are available for rent. Visitors can ascend to the top of the tower via private wall climber lifts and become immersed in the breath taking, panoramic views of the landscape below. Serviced by its own helipad, this restaurant offers a glimpse of Limassol like you’ve never seen it before, with completely unobstructed 360 degree views of vistas sweeping out from the Troodos Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea.

This exclusive space, which will house 110 seated guests and another 72 at bar tables, will be home to Limassol’s premier dining destination. Guests can enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience, set against the backdrop of stunning views of sea and sky.

Private Function Room

A separate room will be available for private functions of up to 30 people, as well as a large balcony with a capacity of up to 60 people, located just below the rotating restaurant and sky bar. Guests can celebrate their special occasion in the comfort of a private space with a personalized a la carte menu created with the restaurant chef, as well as their own private wait staff.

For more information on THE GALLERY’s restaurants, please contact our Sales Department on [email protected] or call us on +357 25 336 171.