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As the fastest developing and second largest town in Cyprus, Limassol is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, a rich and colourful history, as well as its thriving commercial centre offering a wealth of opportunities to its residents. Home to a bustling business community, Limassol is also a hub of commerce and investment, with numerous international businesses choosing it as the centre of their operations.

THE GALLERY’s front entrance is situated on the Limassol seafront road, opposite the promenade, and a short walk from the trendy Limassol Old Port and Marina, offering unobstructed sea views as far as the eye can see. With a stunning glass façade, THE GALLERY lets in an abundance of natural light, while the sea breeze permeates the highly breathable, open space within.

This vast, light filled area, humming with life and bursting with soul, runs through the entire project, leading out onto the iconic St. Andrew’s Street, to create a harmonious synchronicity of old and new. This unique location allows residents easy access to the charming maze that is Limassol’s Old Town, home to winding streets where traditional townhouses filled with character and charm lie side by side with modern boutiques, bohemian eateries and quirky shops.

Just a few steps away from THE GALLERY, one can enjoy the Limassol seafront promenade, or ‘Molos’ as it’s known to locals. One of the town’s true gems, it is lined with palm trees and peppered with sculptures, grassy areas, fountains and wooden decks, and offers paved paths for beachside strolls or jogs, as well as a bike lane for cyclists. The promenade leads onto the popular Old Port and newly developed Limassol Marina, both of which feature an abundance of high end boutiques and fine dining establishments.

Within this ideal setting, THE GALLERY offers the perfect mix of cosmopolitan Mediterranean lifestyle of luxury and impeccable style, combined with a big dose of traditional Cypriot charm.