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Situated next to the existing Limassol Municipal Arts Centre, THE GALLERY offers the perfect accompaniment to the Centre with its own three-storey, glass-enclosed ‘Arts Gallery.’ The unique, circular design of the building makes it a focal point in THE GALLERY’s central Plaza, while its large, glass windows allow it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, creating a unified complex among the restaurants in the Plaza.

The Arts Gallery, along with THE GALLERY as a whole, is set to become an organic extension of the adjacent Municipal Arts Centre, as the entire project will be constructed in such a way that it will communicate with the Centre through its open air plaza. The Municipal Arts Centre is itself a significant work of cultural infrastructure for Limassol, set to mark a new era for the city’s visual and performing arts. It will have great significance for the local art community and its development, as the specially designed spaces will be open for use by both local and international participants, thus encouraging artist mobility and creating links between the local and global art scenes.

A piece of art in and of itself, the exquisitely designed ‘Arts Gallery’ will provide local and international artists with an additional space to display their work, establishing an expansive creative hub for the local arts community, where artists and creatives can meet, collaborate, create and develop their art. The space is flexible, and artists will have the option of renting out a section, floor, or even all floors of the gallery, for exhibitions of any and all works of art. Additionally, workshops can be held within the Arts Gallery in collaboration with the Municipal Arts Centre, including workshops and classes for all levels.

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