News from the WEST HILL construction site

The initial clearing of the WEST HILL site has been completed, with the constant presence of the Archaeological Department. Such measures are necessary as the plot is located in an area of high historical importance. 

As we had anticipated, the team has made some interesting discoveries* on the project's southern edge (in the swimming pool area). They unearthed an ancient quarry that is believed to have been used to build the ancient city of Amathus.

*These were the only findings discovered within the plot of the project, and they will not affect the WEST HILL buildings in any way.

news from the west hill construction site limassol cyprus

It is our duty to preserve this newly-discovered artifact of our cultural heritage. Excited by these findings, our team of Architects have modified the design of the project's swimming pool / relaxation area to also incorporate the archaeological site. 

The new design will include a bridge stretching over the ancient quarry, creating a new, distinctive feature of the WEST HILL project, without affecting the buildings in any way. 

new archaeological findings on the west hill construction site limassol cyprus

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