We are proud to announce that a highly popular Greek TV social drama series   Όσα δεν ξέρεις (“What You Don’t Know”) shown on the national channel, RIK1, and which has captivated many viewers since September, is being filmed at our luxury project OPERA.

The drama centres around the theme of lost and found friendships and with the characters coming to terms with their past.

The OPERA premises are used in various ways during filming: externally, the landscaping such as the swimming pool and bridges and internally, the corridors and lobbies. There is also shooting in two of the apartments in CARMEN HOUSE.

PENTHOUSE OFFICE: The office room of the penthouse in CARMEN HOUSE is used as Paris’ office (portrayed by Andreas Vougioukas).
GROUND FLOOR MAISONETTE: The character of Nikos (Nikos Poursanidis) uses the Ground Floor Maisonette in CARMEN HOUSE as his own house.
PENTHOUSE: The penthouse on the 5th floor of CARMEN HOUSE is Stelios’ (Giannis Karatzogiannis) house.

Tune in to watch the series Όσα δεν ξέρεις (“What You Don’t Know”)every day at 9pm on RIK1.

Cast: Andreas Vougioukas, Giannis Vouros, Katerina Didaskalou, Nikos Poursanidis, Giannis Karatzogiannis, Dimitris Xystras, Yianna Lefkati, Pitsa Antoniadou, AntonisRambaounis and etc.

Enjoy some of the photos below: