ASKANIS GROUP OF COMPANIES is a dynamic private group established in 1989 by Antonis Askanis, a British trained civil engineer. The Group is primarily involved in the construction field through its well-known company ANTONIS ASKANIS LTD, and with real estate development through ASKANIS DEVELOPERS LTD which offers luxury properties on the beachfront in Limassol, Cyprus.  


Since 1989, ANTONIS ASKANIS LTD has undertaken a diverse range of projects from 5-star hotels in Limassol, to high-end commercial buildings, community, and public projects, and specialist renovation and restoration work on buildings of great historical importance. As one of the most respected names in the industry, the company operates with a core team of  dedicated professionals with experience in the construction industry. It is this level of expertise, commitment, and professionalism which helps to set Askanis Group of Companies apart from the competition. Personal contact between management and clients combined with a focus on attention to detail are the hallmarks of all the company’s undertakings.

Quality construction, reliable delivery, fair prices, a direct and honest relationship with clients, both before and after sales, are the essential characteristics of ASKANIS GROUP, which have earned the company an enviable reputation for reliability in an increasingly competitive market.

The company’s head office is spread across four floors of comfortable air-conditioned offices in Limassol. The latest IT facilities offer employees accurate forecasting, detailed planning and monitoring, quick estimates and valuations, reliable calculations and designs. 



ASKANIS DEVELOPERS LTD offers properties, apartments, and villas which are situated along the beachfront in Limassol, Cyprus. 

The company’s philosophy is to create high-end developments in beautiful surroundings, where potential owners are presented with a quality product and sound investment. With a focus on designs that compliment living, as well as cutting edge design and finish, Askanis Developers LTD strive to offer their clients a lifestyle, not just a home.

Askanis Group - Askanis Developers Ltd

ASKANIS DEVELOPERS retains its reputation for absolute quality by maintaining standards well above those of its competitors. Exceptionally high specifications are constantly checked by a team of architects, engineers and designers during every step of the development process. Special attention is given to location, type of finish, mobility, design features, and luxurious touches that are all designed to enhance the lives of the developments inhabitants.



Working behind the scenes our Maintenance Department is a team of multi skilled, hands-on technicians who specialise in all aspects of our trade. Tasks undertaken by them include ensuring all equipment is repaired and well maintained, as well as inspecting and taking care of all company vehicles.


Our Mission

A dynamic, modern and well organised company, focusing on quality,
reliability, service, and satisfaction of the customer.


Only the best materials and workmanship to ensure projects
of the highest quality. 


A personal and dependable service by a team of skilled professionals
ready to assist and solve any problems.


Outstanding and long-established reputation for excellence 
and consistently high quality of work.


Personal motivation, self-commitment and after sales service
inspires in our clients the feeling of confidence, reassurance and satisfaction.



Health and Safety is our major concern and the company’s health and safety policy is based on the current Labour and Social Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

Our company ensures that all its site crew receive the necessary training through seminars, workshops and on site meetings to enable them to work safely. Throughout construction, all project managers ensure that their sites adhere to Health and Safety rules such as helmets and protective goggles. All necessary signage for both workers and public are visible and present at all times and help prevent accidents and injuries to our staff, visitors and members of the public.

Health and Safety - Askanis Group

ASKANIS GROUP also makes sure that incentives are given to all workers for abiding to health and safety regulations by rewarding them with bonuses and recognition for exceptional merit for their adherence to health and safety rules and regulations.

Through ongoing, strict enforcement of health and safety rules, regular risk assessments, and periodic meetings between all departments, Askanis Group is confident in its ability to carry out its work to the highest standard, whilst ensuring the safety of everyone on site, as well as visitors, and inhabitants. As a result of this, the company has received numerous awards over the years for safety, including the ‘Safety at Work’ award by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in recognition of the stringent safety standards applied on all its sites. 



Antonis Askanis Ltd employs a highly motivated workforce of office staff, engineers, craftsmen, and skilled builders, as well as maintaining close ties with other industry professionals such as architects and interior designers. Askanis Group has a commitment to only work with the best of the best, and they also ensure the ongoing professional and skills development of all personnel through extensive theoretical, and practical training. We believe that a company is only as good as the people it works with, and as such, we are committed to watching our staff develop, grow and thrive.

Askanis Group - Skill and Training

As well as providing ongoing training and skills enhancement opportunities for all employees, Askanis Group prides itself on offering equipment and technology that is at the forefront of the technological sphere. Providing our team with the tools they need to carry out their work quickly, effectively, and efficiently results in a better service for clients, and a more productive and happy working environment.