Public Projects Construction


Construction of Churches

Antonis Askanis Ltd has undertaken the construction of various public projects in and around the Limassol area. Projects include churches like ‘Ayia Anna’- a striking project which stands proudly with Byzantine-style architecture combined with impressive domes and stone walls which are typical of the style favoured by the Greek Orthodox religion. Other churches include the renovation and extension of “Tricherousa Church” and the construction of “Saint Charalambos Church” .

 St Anna Church

 St Anna Church in Agios Tychonas

Construction of Schools and Universities

Along with the construction of churches, the company has also undertaken numerous other public projects such as the construction of schools and the Technological University in the heart of Limassol. Agios Neophytos High School and the Grammar School which dominates the Panthea Area overlooking Limassol are both projects that involved the construction of several buildings, lecture rooms, theatres, laboratories, study centres, and sports facilities, including football fields, basketball and volleyball courts. Antonis Askanis Ltd has also constructed buildings for the Technological University of Cyprus, a conversion of an early 20th century colonial building which is in the centre of Limassol and has now become the university library.

 Agios Neophytos High School

 Agios Neophytos High School


Technological University of Cyprus

Other Public Projects

The company’s portfolio of public projects include the refurbishment and reconstruction of buildings of historical importance such as the Old Pafos Port which involved the renovation of the existing buildings and its upgrading to present day conventions The conversion and reactivation of the existing winery building in Zoopigi was an exciting project for Antonis Askanis Ltd. The main aim was for the building to function as a focal point and be readily recognisable, providing an important and attractive feature for the villagers of Zoopigi, but also serve to upgrade the area and yet maintain the traditional feel of the area. Some other public projects include the Renovation of the Information Centre for Youths, the Platres Cultural Centre, and the Department of Dialysis at the Limassol General Hospital.


Old Paphos Port

Old Paphos Port

Museum of Commandaria in Zoopigi

Museum of Comandaria in Zoopigi

Museum of Commandaria - Zoopigi

Museum of Commandaria in Zoopigi