Commercial Building Constructions & Renovations


Constructing commercial buildings is one of the most competitive, demanding, and challenging areas of the construction industry. It is an area in which Antonis Askanis Ltd has worked tirelessly to cultivate a solid reputation for experience, expert knowledge, and the high-quality construction of such buildings.

 Askanis Group Headquarters in Limassol

Askanis Group Headquarters in Limassol

Among the numerous projects undertaken by Antonis Askanis Ltd, are the private buildings for Windsor Brokers Ltd, Nousis Centre and the Collin Atkins Offices and shops- all of which are multi-storey developments consisting of shops and offices, in the centre of Limassol.

 Windsor Building

Windsor Brokers' Building


Dena House Building on Agia Zoni, Limassol

Situated on Limassol's main shopping avenue (Anexartisias Street), the upmarket, four storey Mirrors Retail Outlet is another eye-catching project that bears the Antonis Askanis Ltd name.

Mirrors Retail Outlet

Mirrors Retail Outlet in Anexartisias Street, Limassol

Antonis Askanis Ltd has also successfully completed projects for the Bank of Cyprus, Alpha Bank, Cyta, ex-Marfin Laiki Bank and the Electricity Authority without any disruption to normal business functions in the existing buildings.

Cyta in Limassol

 Cyta Headquarters in Limassol