THE GALLERY Limassol Cyprus

Located in Limassol, Cyprus, THE GALLERY by ASKANIS offers the epitome of luxury living with a community feel in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean.

Situated a stone’s throw away from the water’s edge, THE GALLERY provides residents with a winning combination of beach life, cosmopolitan vibes, and a vibrant atmosphere of cultural enrichment.

THE GALLERY is divided into multiple areas that offer high-end residential properties, exclusive commercial destinations, and cultural facilities, all designed to bring the city together in undeniably chic surroundings.

With WWK’s Tom Wright at the design helm, THE GALLERY is reminiscent of his past projects such as the exclusive and world famous Burj al Arab building in Dubai. Heading up a team of internationally renowned architects, engineers, and consultants, Tom Wright brings a slice of Dubai-decadence to the centre of Limassol.

What makes THE GALLERY different from other projects is the way that it has been designed with the concept of focussing on the existing culture and community within Limassol, and harnessing its energy to extend this infectious vibe throughout the city.

The Gallery - entrance from the main beach road - limassol

Image of the bringe and the front façade of THE GALLERY from the promenade


One of the unique features of THE GALLERY is its beautifully lit bridge that connects the beachfront promenade to St Andrews Street as it passes through the project. THE GALLERY’s desire to intrinsically link the beach, the community, and the city, with the facilities of the development, result in the bridge providing residents and visitors alike with a convenient and picturesque journey through all areas of the concept.

The Gallery - plaza

Image of THE GALLERY plaza and the bridge from St Andrew's Street


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