Antonis Askanis Ltd was ISO 9002 accredited in 1998 and since 2003 complies with ISO 9001:2003, an indication of the highest standards of quality to which the company continually aspires. We have over the years, devised systems for constantly monitoring our work and keeping our standard to the highest level by regular weekly on site and office based meetings between our project managers and management. 

Internal audits make sure that the rules and regulations of the company are correctly implemented.

Quality standards are applicable at all levels within the Group and employees are required to implement these within the areas of their work.

Facilitating the quality of the company does not only come internally but also externally through the company’s sub contractors and suppliers. Our company carefully researches, selects and manages subcontractors and suppliers to assure top performance. Communication with the client is also a significant factor in the construction process and even before construction has began, we make sure that clients are inspired and feel safe in our hands. During the construction process we are ready to provide the client progress updates on a regular basis through photos, regular project reports and project coordination meetings.