Health and Safety is our major concern. The company’s policy as regards to health and safety is founded on the current Labour and Social Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

Our company ensures that all its site crew receive the necessary training through seminars, workshops and on site meetings to enable them to work safely. Throughout construction, all project managers ensure that their sites adhere to Health and Safety rules such as helmets and protective goggles. All necessary signage for both workers and public are visible and present at all times and help prevent accidents and injuries to our staff, visitors and members of the public.

ASKANIS GROUP makes sure that incentives are given to all workers for abiding to health and safety regulations by awarding them yearly during the ASKANIS GROUP Christmas event. In addition to other recognitions; workers are awarded certificates for wearing helmets at all times on the building site and for constantly following health and safety rules. The project managers provide assessments on each worker at the end of each year and recommend awards which include bonuses for exceptional merit.

Risk Assessments are also an integral part of Health and Safety in order to minimize risk within the building site. At the beginning of each project, risk assessments are carefully carried out and each member of the site staff is carefully briefed accordingly. Our project managers ensure that everyone on site is aware of all necessary First Aid procedures.
Meetings are held every 3 months between our foremen, project managers, technicians and management, whereby all health and safety issues are discussed and tackled by the team and all new safety aspects and practical tips are proposed and implemented.

The company supplies all necessary protective equipment , such as safety helmets, protective shoes, protective glasses, gloves etc and provides all the safety, health and welfare facilities required by the provisions of any statutory requirements and Trade Union agreements.

The company has received numerous awards over the years for safety, including the ‘Safety at Work’ award by the Ministry of Commence and Industry in recognition of the stringent safety standards applied on all its sites.